🌞 Almost 75% of all new energy is renewable

🌞 Almost 75% of all new energy is renewable

In 2019 renewable energy grew by 7.6 percent. Solar power in Asia accounts for the most significant increase.

Christian von Essen
Christian von Essen

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The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has recently compiled figures from 2019. Seventy-two percent of all energy expansion during the year came from renewable sources.

While hydropower is still the largest renewable energy source in the world (47 percent), development has stagnated. It is the sun and wind that account for as much as 90 percent of the renewable energy capacity created during the last year.

Asia accounts for the largest increase. In total, there we find 44 percent of the world's renewable energy production. It is almost as much as all of Europe, North America and South America combined. Above all, it is the expansion of solar energy in India, China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam that is generating the significant increase.

Here you can download the entire report Renewable Capacity Statistics 2020.

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