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πŸ”‹ Sweden first in the world: Electric car chargers are used to relieve the electricity grid

πŸ”‹ Sweden first in the world: Electric car chargers are used to relieve the electricity grid

The energy company Tibber and about 1,000 of their Swedish customers will be the first in the world to use their electric car chargers to stabilize the electricity grid.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

In recent years, we have seen news that the Swedish electricity grid, especially in southern Sweden, cannot guarantee a stable supply of electricity. This has led a couple of companies to consider not investing in new factories in SkΓ₯ne.

Now the electricity company Tibber is pulling its weight by, for the first time in the world, using chargers for electric cars to help balance the electricity grid.

During the night when most electric cars are charging, charging can be switched on or off depending on the need in the mains.

New Technology writes :

"If the frequency becomes too high, the electric car chargers can refuel from power from the mains and fill the electric car's battery with energy. If the frequency becomes too low, the cars' charge can be reduced or switched off."

Tibber guarantees that the cars are charged in time for use, so customers do not get an unpleasant surprise in the morning when they leave. Customers who participate also receive a 50 percent discount on their electricity price, which goes to electric car charging.

The same method could be used for other things that draw electricity in homes, such as heating. A development that Tibber is working on.

Tibber's founder and CEO Edgeir VΓ₯rdal Aksnes says:

"This milestone shows that electric cars actually contribute to stability in the electricity grid, instead of being a load."