🌳 Africa is building a mighty green wall over the entire continent

🌳 Africa is building a mighty green wall over the entire continent

In Africa, a Great Green Wall is being established right across the continent to prevent the spread of the Sahara desert.

Christian von Essen
Christian von Essen

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The Great Green Wall is an initiative founded by the African Union in 2007. The green wall will be grown in 21 countries - a total of 8,000 kilometers long, as a cross-section across the continent. The idea is to plant enough trees to regain a total area of ​​100 million hectares.

The purpose is to dampen the effects of climate change and prevent drought, poverty, conflicts and starvation. It is expected that the trees will be able to absorb 250 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

At present, 15 percent is ready, and the deadline is set for 2030. The project is expected to create 10 million green jobs and contribute to important transnational cooperation. The plantings have come the furthest in Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigera and Sudan.

According to the project's website, the Green Wall contributes to promoting a range of global sustainability goals through reduced poverty, increased food security, more fertile soils, renewable energy, equal working conditions, increased resilience and reduced migration.

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