🐝 Pakistan’s honey production increases by 70% thanks to Billion Tree Project

🐝 Pakistan’s honey production increases by 70% thanks to Billion Tree Project

The Billion Tree project, launched in 2018, is an ambitious country-wide effort in Pakistan to plant 10 billion trees over a 5-year span. The project has already led to the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees, resulting in a huge boost in bee populations.

Rich Spuller
Rich Spuller

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Thanks to efforts already taken by the project, production of honey in Pakistan has increased by 70% so far.

When the honey production initiative was started in 2016, beehives were being auctioned for Rs. 729,000 (~$9,500 USD). As of this month, their value has risen to over Rs. 1.3 million (~$17,000 USD).

Pakistan’s honey production is focused in the Changa Manga forest, a place that locals described as having undergone ruthless deforestation, as well as reduction in the green cover, which left little to no place for bees to make hives. But with trees being planted and a renewed focus on honey production, forest officers are reporting a remarkable increase in the number of bees—and subsequently more hives.

Shahib Tabassum, a Forest officer in the region, speaking to ProPakistani, the largest independent news publish in Pakistan, says that he is hopeful that the tree plantation project will cut the country's import costs dramatically in the coming years. He said that about 400 tonnes of honey is imported to Pakistan annually, which only accounts for 2% of the total demand.

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