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πŸ’Š AI helps find new drugs

πŸ’Š AI helps find new drugs

An AI is being tasked with analyzing huge amounts of medical data, based upon which it'll be able to predict how to create medicines capable of curing serious diseases.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

Google's parent company Alphabet has started a new company that will use AI to discover new medicines. The company is called Isomorphic Labs and will use an AI based on the work of another Alphabet company, Deep Mind.

Deep Mind has, among other things, developed an AI that can predict protein structures. Difficult and time-consuming work that is important to understand how proteins affect our body. Knowledge that can be used to find treatments for many diseases.

Isomorphic Labs will use this and other AI solutions to create models of how medicines interact with the body. The idea is to see biology as an information system. A very complex system, but one where AI can find connections that are too complicated for humans to see.

Isomorphic Labs intend to collaborate with established pharmaceutical companies and not manufacture medicines on a large scale themselves.