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💧 Hydration might be a key to happiness

💧 Hydration might be a key to happiness

A new survey shows being properly hydrated might be a key to happiness.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

A poll conducted by OnePoll looked into the correlation between the amount of water you drink and how you feel. They found that the more hydrated you are the more optimistic, energetic and successful you feel.

Good News Network writes that the first criteria in the study was the level of happiness. In the study group that drank six glasses or more a day, 41% perceived themselves as “very happy”. Only 12% of those reported drinking one glass of less a day thought of themselves as “very happy”.

Other criteria were optimism, feelings of waking up refreshed in the morning and feelings of success. For all criteria, the group drinking six glasses or more had a higher percentage of participants perceiving themselves as optimistic, refreshed and successful.

This is all great but what about science? Well, your brain is strongly influenced by how much water you drink (your hydration status). In a study on young women, researchers found that as little as 1.4% fluid loss, after for example exercise, affected both mood and concentration. A similar study on young men showed that 1.6% fluid loss leads to an inferior working memory and increased feelings of anxiety and fatigue. Health Time wrote, “Many other studies, with subjects ranging from children to older adults, have shown that mild dehydration can impair mood, memory, and brain performance.”

If mild dehydration can decrease energy levels, impair mood, and lead to considerable reductions in memory and brain function, there is a simple solution to feeling better (for those fortunate enough to have access to clean drinking water). Drink enough water a day and become a more optimistic person!