🎵 Music - by prescription

🎵 Music - by prescription

Music engages more centers in the brain than we previously thought. It also brings with it more positive effects. Is it time to take full advantage of the effects?

Per Soderstrom
Per Soderstrom

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Music is like going to the gym for your brain, whether you listen to it or play an instrument.

In the past, we thought that only half the brain was involved in what had to do with music. Now, thanks to modern technology, we know that there is much more going on than that. Not to mention the effects music can have on us.

Music can increase blood flow in the brain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, make us more alert and provide better quality of sleep - in addition to improving our memory function. What's not to like about all that? (This feature from WIRED tells you more)

Just as you might go to the gym to work out the body, you can turn to the music to train the brain. Johns Hopkins University also shows that music is an important tool to resist the aging of the brain.

If you want to engage your brain even more, you should start playing an instrument - or maybe another one. When you do, a great many more parts of the brain are involved.

Music reaches parts of the brain that other activities cannot

Another way to challenge the brain may be to skip your regular old playlist. Miles Davis can create new connections between the brain's nerve cells. Why not try Frank Ocean ? Or music from a completely different culture, like the Japanese ?

Challenge the brain with new tones and rhythms - things happen! Eventually you will get goose bumps from it too. Science Alert calls it dermatitis .

In the future, maybe we will get recipes for music, adapted to the phase we are in at the moment? With the help of modern technology we can see what is happening, in real time. In Sweden, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm devotes itself to applied research in the subject .

Make the future come sooner. Preferably to music.

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