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πŸ’° The World Bank invests record sum against climate change

πŸ’° The World Bank invests record sum against climate change

The World Bank invests $31.7 billion in climate aid, which is the largest sum ever for the organization.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

Climate change will mean great strain all over the world and primarily in the poorer parts of the world there is a lack of resources to deal with the changes. To make it easier for many countries, the World Bank has decided to provide $31.7 billion in climate aid in 2022.

That is 19 percent more than the organization invested in 2021, which was the most the World Bank has ever invested in helping countries deal with climate change. In total, climate investments now account for 36 percent of the World Bank's total investments.

Among the ventures that have now been financed is a project in Nigeria. There, 700 million dollars will go to reduce the spread of the desert in northern Nigeria and create sustainable oases and wetlands to secure the water supply for the local population.

24 million dollars is going to Malawi to build a megawatt solar power plant that will be able to replace the diesel generators that are currently used to generate electricity. 100 million euros go to Romania to improve sewage management and Thailand receives 50 million dollars for projects to protect seas and waterways in the country.

That was just a handful of all the projects that the World Bank hopes will mitigate the effects of climate change.

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