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♻️ Science moms on a mission to spread climate optimism

♻️ Science moms on a mission to spread climate optimism

These science moms are on a mission to fight climate change for their children by spreading science-based climate optimism. They want to fight “climate doomerism”.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

When we feel overwhelmed, we turn to our mother or mother figure for comfort and encouragement. These science moms are on a mission to fight “climate doomerism” and help us understand how climate systems are changing for the better.

A group of moms from all over the US is working together to spread solution-based dialogue and research on climate change instead of the heavy, doomsday attitude. While at it, these moms are also fighting the stigmas that prevent females from becoming academics and scientists. However, what they find most important is to provide other mothers with the information they need to educate their children - and themselves - on how they can help save our planet.

Joellen Russell, a climate researcher from the University of Arizona, has come to understand that people must share wisdom and combine forces if we want to fight climate change and create a better future for our children. The same strategy is helpful for any other environmental problem.

“I finally found my united voice,” says Dr. Russell to The Christian Science Monitor. “It turns out that my students and my community members and my kids’ classroom teachers and all the rest of them were waiting for me to shake off the shackles of ‘just the science’ and talk to them about the values part. And I am thrilled.”
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