News media

Mathias Sundin 2 min read

πŸ€– No, an AI drone has not refused to obey orders and killed a human

It was just a thought experiment on what could happen. It hasn't even happened in a simulation.

Mathias Sundin 4 min read

πŸ€” "Hm, here is positive news... we must turn that negative!"

The art of taking positive news and turning it into negative news.

Mathias Sundin 6 min read

πŸ“° The fear-mongering news media... invited me

Warp News was invited to talk about optimistic news for the newsroom at Expressen.

Mathias Sundin 5 min read

πŸ“Ί Why are people so pessimistic about the future? Part 2 - the news media

Good journalism is one of the most important things we have in society. But news media is unbalanced and report much more negative news than positive, which gives us a distorted and pessimistic view of the world.

Mathias Sundin 4 min read

πŸ“° Does the Washington Post really drive away the darkness?

The news media says they impact our worldview and the decisions we make. That is true. But the worldview they present is too negative. What does that say about the worldview we get and the decisions we make?

Tobias Wahlqvist 7 min read

πŸ₯± The more boring public service news, the better

A better and more reasonable public service should not be the fastest to report on an event. They shouldn’t even try to be. They should make a point out of being the slowest, to calmly take their time in finding out the actual facts and events and then publish their findings.

Mathias Sundin 4 min read

😑 The fear mongering news media is ruining our society with anger and sadness

Sorry about the angry headline, but I'm just following the trend. Over the last 20 years headlines in news media have turned more and more negative and angry.