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Nicklas Berild Lundblad

💡 The Optimist's Dilemma

As an optimist, you are often faced with an interesting dilemma: the rest of the world thinks that the world is getting worse, and you yourself think that it will get better – should you try to convince everyone else that it really gets better, Nicklas Berild Lundblad asks.

Kelly Odell

💬 Confessions of a pessimistic optimist

When Kelly Odell was first asked to contribute to Warp News, although not trying to show it, his reaction wasn’t 100% positive. In this column, he explains why.

Magnus Aschan

💡 Being optimistic does not mean what you think it means

An image of an ostrich with its head in the sand. Someone who is constantly late. Someone else who is considered gullible and naive. None of this has anything to do with optimism, writes Magnus Aschan, Editor-in-Chief of Warp News.

Alexander Engelin

🛰 The Value of Space Exploration

Those who think the new space race is about billionaires wasting money have no clue about the value of space exploration. The future of humanity is out there, writes Alexander Engelin.

Magnus Aschan

💬 Why we must begin to understand the really big and the really small

Paradoxically, it is the evolution that has brought us here. Because we humans live in a kind of middle world. We have a hard time grasping that which is really big, slow, small, and fast. Now is the time to change that.

Magnus Aschan

💬 When things go South – it is time to celebrate

For every successful solution, there are a thousand unsuccessful. Laws, bad luck, clumsiness, or pure idiocy made them fail. But we should also celebrate the bad ideas, writes Magnus Aschan.

Anna Rennéus Guthrie

💬 Now is the time to reap the benefits of digitalization

The pandemic isn't all bad. In terms of work, we now see many benefits with becoming increasingly digitalized: more productive, less sick, and more equal. Let's not let this slip away by bringing back the old normal, writes Anna Rennéus Guthrie.

Magnus Aschan

💬 The Real Danger is Pessimism

Being optimistic is not about turning a blind eye to difficulties, but focusing on how they can be solved. That is how the good forces emerged victorious from one of history's darkest moments, writes Magnus Aschan.

Magnus Aschan

💬The new space race is the best thing that could happen to the earth

The new space race led by companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, along with the voyage to Mars, is our salvation. Warp News editor-in-chief Magnus Aschan explains why.