💡 Optimist's Edge: AI is unleashing a massive wave of creativity

💡 Optimist's Edge: AI is unleashing a massive wave of creativity

💡 AI will unleash massive untapped creativity by us tools to create things that before only were available to professionals. This unleashed creativity will create millions of jobs and tons of human progress.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

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This Optimist's Edge article was created with the help of AI tools ChatGPT, DALL-E, Grammarly and Google Translate.

📉 What people think

Nearly 69% of college graduates believe AI could take their job or make it irrelevant in a few years, according to this survey.

With the breakthroughs of AI:s that create images and with text bot ChatGPT the chatter about AI taking our jobs reached new heights.

There are videos like, These AI’s are coming to take your jobs… and news articles Could the new AI chatbot take your job? by the Irish Times.

Some artists also worry that this will destroy creativity: Artists Are 'Concerned For The Future Of Human Creativity'.

This image is created by a designer/artist using AI.

📈 Here are the facts

  • Artificial intelligence that creates images and text is just the beginning. AI will also create video, audio, music and more.
  • This makes it possible for people who are not professionals in those areas to create at or near a professional level. People who have ideas of, for example, a beautiful painting, but can't paint it, will now be able to create that.
  • But what about the professionals? They can take their output to a new level. The digital artist behind the first AI-generated magazine cover, Karen X. Cheng, said: “I am now able to create different kinds of art that I never was able to before.”
  • Machines and automation has been 'taking jobs' since the Industrial Revolution. But the lost jobs have been replaced by new jobs. Those jobs have overall meant better working conditions, higher salaries, and have been less tedious.

We, of course, also asked ChatGPT:

Me: AI today can create images and text, like you do. What more creative work will AI be able to do, you think?

ChatGPT: There is a lot of potential for AI to do more creative work in the future. Some areas where AI may be able to make contributions include music, video and film production, and architecture, to name a few. AI could potentially be used to assist with tasks such as composing music, generating visual effects, or designing buildings.

Me: Please make that into bullet points.


  • Music composition
  • Video and film production
  • Architecture
  • Generating new forms of creative expression

Me: Keep going.

ChatGPT: Certainly! Here are some additional bullet points with ideas for creative work that AI may be able to do in the future:

  • Designing and creating new types of fashion and clothing
  • Painting and visual art creation
  • Writing and storytelling
  • Conceptualizing and designing new products or technologies
  • Developing and creating new flavors and recipes in the food and beverage industry
  • Creating virtual reality experiences and environments
  • Developing and creating new video games and interactive experiences
  • Generating personalized content, such as customized news articles or social media posts
  • Creating personalized marketing materials and advertisements
  • Translating and adapting content for different languages and cultures
  • Creating and producing educational materials, such as video lessons or interactive quizzes
  • Designing and creating new types of software and applications
  • Developing and creating new types of virtual assistants or chatbots
  • Generating personalized content for virtual reality or augmented reality experiences

💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Artificial intelligence will unleash massive untapped creativity from non-professionals, by giving them the tools to create things that earlier only were available to professionals.

Learning to paint takes years of practice. With AI, everyone who wants to paint just needs to learn how to use AIs that paint.

When we, via AI tools, also can create music, other types of audio, and video – and of course combine them – even more creativity will be unleashed.

This creativity has so far been trapped, but can now come out.

That unleashed creativity will create millions of jobs and tons of human progress. The number of designers, artists, and writers will increase dramatically.

The most important though is this thought from ChatGPT:

"There may also be potential for AI to create entirely new forms of creative expression that we have not yet imagined."

This one I made myself with DALL-E, and thought it looked pretty nice.

👇 How to get the Optimist’s Edge

  • Most importantly: Use them! Test them! It's only then you start realizing how powerful the AI tools are and how you can use them in your daily life and work.
  • Ulrika Gerth wrote earlier about AIs that paint. It is very good. Please read it.
💡 Optimist’s Edge: You can also be an artist – with the help of an AI
💡 AI painting upends creative boundaries by empowering anyone to create art that previously required the skill of professional artists.

Her "how to"-list is great, and I'll copy it here.

  • Become a “prompt engineer”: “AI art isn’t just an experiment. It’s a side hustle.” So begins an article in Verge on the emerging market of prompts, the text descriptions that the AI tools translate into art. Do you have a special talent for creating elaborate prompts that yield stunning results? PromptBase, launched earlier this year, allows the new profession of prompt writers to sell their work.
  • Get creative: In late September, DALL-E shared some welcome news: the waitlist had been removed, letting anyone use the popular AI art generator (More than 1.5 million users now make 2 million images a day). You can also try Midjourney (you need to start a Discord account), and other applications like VQGAN+CLIP, Wombo AI, The Night Cafe, Deep Dream Generator, and Craiyon.
  • Sell your art: AI-generated art offers market potential. Both traditional auctions and NFT marketplaces like Open Sea have shown a growing interest in abstract AI art. Domestika, an online community for creatives, suggests combining AI with your past creations to generate hundreds, if not thousands, of unique artworks, which can then be curated into NFT collections.
  • Dive in: Do you want a quick, affordable introduction to anything AI? Udemy, an online learning marketplace, offers countless courses on the topic. These four courses on AI basics also come highly recommended.

Mathias Sundin