💡 Optimist's Edge: Let AI find the talents for you

💡 Optimist's Edge: Let AI find the talents for you

With the help of artificial intelligence, recruitment becomes less costly, accuracy is higher, it's more skills-based and there is less risk of prejudices leading to incorrect recruitment.

Anna Rennéus Guthrie
Anna Rennéus Guthrie

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📉 What people think

When asked if AI, artificial intelligence, is better than a human recruiter, the vast majority answer no.

66% do not believe that machines are better than humans at recruiting. 17% believe that AI and a human recruiter do equally well. 16% believe that AI is superior to the human recruiter.

Do you think AI is better than a human recruiter?

Yes - No- Just as good

📈 Here are the facts

Companies and organizations invest large financial and human resources in recruitment. The movements in the labor market in certain industries are also large. Most able-bodied people change jobs a number of times during their professional life.

After major external events, such as a pandemic, changes in the labor market become greater. More people who worked in one sector leave to study, or to work, in another part of the labor market.

Finding the right person for a job is the job of the recruiter. But does it matter if the recruiter is a human being - or can technology handle the recruitment?

In fact, it is becoming more common for AI tools to handle more of the recruitment process.

  • It is expensive. A common estimate is that recruitment can cost up to three times as much as the salary of the person being recruited.
  • AI frees up time. Taking the help of technology to thin out large numbers of applications is smart. It frees up more time for those who would otherwise sit and go through many documents to select interesting candidates to move on with. Up to 40 percent of the time spent manually processing received CV documents can be cut off with the help of AI.
  • Frees the recruitment process from prejudice. It is well established that prejudice controls much of our decision-making processes in connection with recruitment. Although many are aware of this, it is easier said than done to avoid recruiting similar employees with similar profiles and backgrounds. Here, AI has proven to be able to make a difference.
  • Use AI wisely. Of course, no one believes that AI today alone can handle or make all the decisions in a recruitment process, but if you dare to let AI into the process, both you and the organization will have won a lot.

However, in its infancy, AI will still suffer from bugs and gaps in knowledge. As the experts point out, there is of course a risk that the AI ​​contains values ​​or prejudices that are not desirable. However, these are easier to identify and change than in a human being.

💡 Optimist's Edge

With the help of artificial intelligence, recruitment becomes less costly, accuracy is higher, it's more skills-based, and there is less risk that prejudices lead to incorrect recruitment.

Today's AI is by no means fully developed and cannot replace the entire competence of the human recruiter. But its potential means great opportunities.

👇 How to get the Optimist's Edge

❓ So, how do you get the most out of this knowledge?

  • Teach others about AI's possibilities. Today, a majority believe that people are better at recruiting than AI - artificial intelligence. But the signal is clear. AI has several advantages and further development of existing technology will probably be able to make it superior to the human recruiter. Just think of how the development in healthcare has quickly taken a similar leap.
  • Find and use the AI ​​tools! The site Unite AI has listed eight AI tools that will sharpen your recruitment today.
  • AI also supports the search for employment. If AI can provide support for the recruiter, it can also support the job-seeker. Are you the one who develops a mechanical job coach for those looking for a new job?

You now have an advantage because you have gained this knowledge before most others – What will you do with your Optimist's Edge?

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