🎧 The New Optimist's Edge: Founder's Discussion Podcast

🎧 The New Optimist's Edge: Founder's Discussion Podcast

Warp News co-founders, Mathias Sundin, Magnus Aschan, Rich Spuller, and Eric Porper discuss the NEW Optimist's Edge.

Rich Spuller
Mathias Sundin
Magnus Aschan
Eric Porper
Rich SpullerMathias SundinMagnus AschanEric Porper

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The new Optimist's Edge is a newsletter exclusive to the Premium Supporter community. Β Listen in as the founders of Warp News discuss what the Optimist's Edge is, what it means, and most importantly, how you can get it and apply it to your everyday life.

Would you have liked to understand the internet in 1994? Bitcoin in 2013? Tesla in 2015?

Because of negative headlines and a pessimistic world-view, people miss important trends.

We do surveys of what people believe and compare that with the facts, giving you unique insights.