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Eric Porper

Eric Porper

Eric Porper 6 min read

💡 Optimist's Edge: Video games rot your brain... not!

The ancient statement that games are bad for you are getting old, and not in a good way. In this article, you get the edge of how video games can help you grow attractive traits and skills that help you both in private- and work life.

Eric Porper 6 min read

💡 Optimist's Edge: Media headlines on bitcoin are wrong – again

The media has portrayed Bitcoin as an environmental disaster. But in this article, we will tell you why it might be more energy-efficient than alternatives.

Rich SpullerMathias SundinMagnus AschanEric Porper 1 min read

🎧 The New Optimist's Edge: Founder's Discussion Podcast

Warp News co-founders, Mathias Sundin, Magnus Aschan, Rich Spuller, and Eric Porper discuss the NEW Optimist's Edge.

Eric Porper 1 min read

Student in Mexico Has Developed Self-Repairing Rubber Road Pavement

A Mexican college student has created a new formula for road pavement that repairs itself when exposed to rainwater. Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona developed the groundbreaking formula by melting recycled tires into a putty combined with a number of other additives. The putty then harnesses rainwater as a catalyst for

Eric Porper 1 min read

Microsoft Japan tested a four-day work week and productivity jumped by 40%

Microsoft recently tested a 4 day work week over a one month period for its 2,300 person workforce in Japan. As technology allows us to be far more productive in the workplace, the struggles of work-life balance of always being accessible has generally lead to more stress and less

Eric Porper 1 min read

Silicon Is Reaching its Limits. Up Next: Carbon Nanotubes

Silicon has powered the information age, but it’s reaching its physical limits. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) hold a lot of promise as a replacement if we can get around some key obstacles—and the designers of a new chip seem to have done just that. For decades computer power steadily

Eric Porper 1 min read

A Brief Tour Through the Wild West of Neural Interfaces

To most of us, zapping neurons with electricity to artificially “incept” memories, sensation, and movement still sounds crazy. But in some brain labs, that technology is beginning to feel old school. As a new review in Nature Biotechnology concludes: get off the throne, electrodes, there are plenty of other neural

Eric Porper 1 min read

DARPA’s New Project Is Investing Millions in Brain-Machine Interface Tech

When Elon Musk and DARPA both hop aboard the cyborg hypetrain, you know brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) are about to achieve the impossible. BMIs, already the stuff of science fiction, facilitate crosstalk between biological wetware with external computers, turning human users into literal cyborgs. Yet mind-controlled robotic arms, microelectrode “nerve patches”

Eric Porper 1 min read

Quantum Computing, Now and in the (Not Too Distant) Future

Fifty years ago, smartphones would have been the ultimate computing wizardry. Just as classical computers were almost unimaginable to previous generations, we’re now facing the birth of an entirely new type of computation, something so mystical it may as well be magic: quantum computing. If the word “quantum” makes