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🌟 Premium Content

Essays on how to understand and create the future. By becoming a premium supporter you support the creation and spreading of fact-based optimistic news. Together, we share ideas with a global network of optimistic and entrepreneurial people.

Ingemar Alvbom ⚑️ Energy

πŸ•Š This is how wind and solar energy make the world more peaceful

Our move to renewable energy will make the world more peaceful. As countries become self-sufficient in energy, many incentives for conflict will diminish.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

πŸ“° Do you think media is a dying business? Think again

Most people think that media is a lousy business, because they see lots of old media companies struggling. But the free global distribution of content is a huge opportunity for journalism and will create massive global media companies.

Mathias Sundin 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ“ Warp News Impact Report - January 2021

Our premiere article with Warp News expert Doctor Mouna was our most-read content in January, we have given Steven Pinker's book to the Swedish Parliament and find out which three news articles were our most read in January.

Bjârn Bertoft 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ₯— Are you ready for the new food? – Invasive species, insects and fish on land

We already know that meat production, trawling, and one-sided farming in mega-format are environmental culprits with an end date. But now new types of climate-smart food are being developed.

Warp Editorial Staff πŸ‘‹ Premium Supporter Profiles

"We think Warp can play an important role in the way we all view technology development"

We want to support positive news in the world as they create a good contrast to all negative news that dominates everyday media, says John TengstrΓΆm, Astra Advokater.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

πŸ’° Big ideas on how to make big money - investing in the future

A fact-based optimist sees opportunities before everyone else. One opportunity is to invest in companies that create a better world, and at the same time make a lot of money.

Ulrika Gerth πŸ“ˆ Human Progress

☠️ Doomsdays That Never Happened

Humanity does seem to have a soft spot for the thought of its imminent destruction. Fortunately, we have beaten the odds of doom and gloom more than once...

Nicklas Berild Lundblad πŸ₯‡ Optimist's Edge

πŸ€” The responsibility of platforms – a guide for the perplexed

Over the past decade, we have had an increasingly vocal debate about the responsibility of platforms and the future of freedom of expression. Nicklas Berild Lundblad believes that there is reason to be optimistic about the development.

Mathias Sundin 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ“ Warp News Impact Report - December 2020

Two new e-books, online events added to the Warp Space Summit and an astronaut makes his debut as a Warp News Expert.