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🌟 Premium Content

Essays on how to understand and create the future. By becoming a premium supporter you support the creation and spreading of fact-based optimistic news. Together, we share ideas with a global network of optimistic and entrepreneurial people.

Mathias Sundin πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Big batteries are the missing piece of the energy puzzle

Is building large battery storage as useful as building a big banana? Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thought so, but the Tesla battery in Australia has surprised critics and shown us the missing piece of the energy puzzle.

Elina Holmgren Tyskling ✍🏼 Essays

✌️ Optimism and the Prisoner's Dilemma

Is there a formula to rely on in human interaction? It seems like there is, and you have probably already guessed it... It is an optimistic one!

Elina Holmgren Tyskling ✍🏼 Essays

πŸš•"That's a shame! I was planning to get hens"

It is a clichΓ© but still true. It's hard to believe in success if there are no such stories in your own history. In your own family. I often think of Γ…ke's, almost impossible, journey.

Nicklas Berild Lundblad 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ‘ The extreme optimist

Nicklas Berlind Lundblad met Stanford Professor John McCarthy in the early 200s and it was the sort of meeting you don't forget.

Warp Editorial Staff 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ“ Warp News Impact Report - June 2021

We launched Sweden's largest space conference - Warp Space Summit - our Starlink videos have been seen by 70,000 people and a podcast interview with Mathias Sundin - is something of what we've done in June.

Kelly Odell 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ“– Kelly Odell's book tips for the summer

Grab one of these brilliant books, bring a cup of coffee, sit in the shadow, and indulge. Kelly Odell gives you book tips that make your summer smarter.

Nicklas Berild Lundblad ✍🏼 Essays

🌳 The optimistic future is a tree

If you thought that the successful moon landing in the '60s was due to luck and high ambitions, you are wrong. Nicklas Berild Lundblad writes about how optimism should be based on an analysis of what growing human abilities can achieve.

Mathias Sundin 🌟 Premium Content

β›ͺ Martin Luther – The First Twitterer

In just four years Martin Luther went from a complete unknown, to the bestselling author in Europe. A couple of years later he had become such a threat to the church that they banned him. How was this possible before radio, tv and the internet? He used a breakthrough technology, in a new way.

Mathias Sundin 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ“ Warp News Impact Report - May 2021

Strong impact for our book on the corona vaccine revolution, fact-based optimism is spreading in other news media and several science parks. Also, over 10,000 people have seen our videos about Starlink.