🎒 The dice are rolled - Walmart is testing direct deliveries with drones

🎒 The dice are rolled - Walmart is testing direct deliveries with drones

The pandemic is increasing interest in direct deliveries of purchases to the home. Walmart is helping to shape the retail role of the future.

Per Soderstrom
Per Soderstrom

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Soon, households in Fayetteville, North Carolina will be able to order goods from Walmart and receive direct delivery to their homes . It comes at the right time, given the need to keep your distance.

Walmart is the world's largest chain - so what they do is followed very closely by others.

This is done in collaboration with Zipline , a veteran in the space. Zipline has experience with sixty thousand deliveries, many of them in inaccessible areas in Rwanda and Ghana. This has involved vital deliveries such as blood for transfusions. The drone operator Flytrex is also in the picture - Walmart does not want to commit to a solution.

Will Walmart have time to build its delivery service in time? There are many who have already felt called:

Amazon was early with its Prime Air , of course. Many raised their eyebrows when they presented the news. Deliveries are now offered within thirty(!) minutes at some locations in the United States.

Google's Alphabet Wing has also decided to take a lead. They have started with the USA (Virginia), Finland and Australia as test markets. The pandemic has shown a great interest in shopping for everything from baby food to pasta for families who have been forced to stay at home. Maybe shopping habits are changed forever?

Amazon's Prime Air service - thirty minutes away?

Is this how it felt for our grandparents when grocery stores were turned into supermarkets, in the 1950s? We guess that this change will have an even greater impact on infrastructure. It also receives traction assistance - completely unplanned - from a pandemic.

Alea jacta est. The dice have been rolled - now it is not possible to turn back.

Let the future come faster!