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Your worldview is based on media - not facts.

"You do not get a fact-based worldview in traditional or social media. You get a distorted picture of a world in constant crisis. That is why Fact-based Optimism is needed."

-- Magnus Aschan

The world has gotten a lot better in the last decades, but most people still have a negative view of the future.

We think one important reason is the negative bias in news media.

Warp News will help to balance that with fact-based, optimistic news.

Our articles are always based on facts and science.

We focus on the possibilities with new technology, ideas and collaboration.

Watch Mathias Sundin, founder and CEO of Warp News, with a brief history of innovation and knowledge.

"The next great acceleration in innovation will come from global communities."

By balancing the negativity in the media, Warp News will help drive more optimism about the future.

Some of our stories from the Optimist's Edge

Linn Winge

πŸ”­ The Hubble Telescope could help save the world's largest fish

The Hubble Space Telescope has a special software for mapping and parsing out the stars. Now, this technology might help scientists save the worlds largest fish.

Mathias Sundin

πŸ’° Big ideas on how to make big money - investing in the future

A fact-based optimist sees opportunities before everyone else. One opportunity is to invest in companies that create a better world, and at the same time make a lot of money.

Victoria BΓ€ck

πŸ”­ The values ​​that guide development going forward

If man were fundamentally pessimistic, then why are so many of our daily decisions about doing good? More and more consumers are exhibiting value-driven behavior. For companies, this means that business-as-usual is no longer a profitable alternative, writes Victoria BΓ€ck.

Linn Winge

πŸ›’ The app that shows carbon footprints from your purchases

This app tracks your carbon footprint after every purchase, showing you how you can become more environmentally friendly.

Nicklas Berild Lundblad

πŸ€” The responsibility of platforms – a guide for the perplexed

Over the past decade, we have had an increasingly vocal debate about the responsibility of platforms and the future of freedom of expression. Nicklas Berild Lundblad believes that there is reason to be optimistic about the development.

Linn Winge

🐬 Scientists find coral sanctuary

A newly discovered coral sanctuary with abundant marine life is not affected by the warming oceans.