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πŸš€ The first private crew has arrived on the ISS

πŸš€ The first private crew has arrived on the ISS

Axiom Space takes its firsts steps towards establishing the first private space station.

Jakob Holgersson
Jakob Holgersson

April 9 saw yet another exciting first in space, as the first-ever all-private crew arrived on a space station. The four male space travelers took off from Cape Canaveral in a SpaceX Cred Dragon capsule and after a twenty-hour flight, arrived at the International Space Station.

The mission, called Axiom-1 or Ax-1, is run by the Axiom Space company and is intended to be a step towards their goal of creating the first private space station. Unlike previous missions carried out by other companies, such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, there's more to it than just space tourism.

The Ax-1 crew in their Crew Dragon capsule. Image: SpaceX

The crew has gone through training, and during their ten-day stay in space, they intend to conduct 25 scientific experiments. Some of these experiments will be carried out on behalf of Axiom Space and others for the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory. These experiments will include brain health, stem cells, cancer, and aging.

Axiom Space

We've previously covered Axiom Space. They intend to build a private extension to the International Space Station, which before the station's decommissioning, will disconnect and become its station, the Axiom Station. It will feature the world's first orbital entertainment studio if all goes well.

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