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πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Tom Cruise is filming at the International Space Station

πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Tom Cruise is filming at the International Space Station

Tom Cruise and Elon Musk make a joint venture with NASA and record the first film in space.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

Tom Cruise is known for doing his stunts himself, and they also seem to become more and more daring the older he gets.

But jumping between houses and out of helicopters stands out against his next stunt: Going to the International Space Station, ISS, and recording scenes for the next movie there.

First reported by Deadline and then confirmed by NASA chief Jim Bridenstine yesterday.

SpaceX is also likely to be on a corner, likely to transport him to ISS in his Crew Dragon, which will debut in a few weeks.

Obviously, this will not be the first movie to take place in space, but the first to be filmed in space. Both good for an increased interest in space in general.

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