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Mathias Sundin 4 min read

💡 Optimist’s Edge: Will the Tesla Bot replace all physical human labor?

Robots that understand and can interact with the surrounding environment will be able to replace all physical human labor, which will lead to a dramatic expansion of the world economy.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

💡 Optimist’s Edge: No language barrier

Humanity has been working on machine translation for hundreds of years, but in the last ten years, progress has been exponential. We are close to a world with perfect machine translations of texts, removing a big language barrier for the world.

Magnus Aschan 4 min read

💡 Optimist's Edge: Do you want a gene-edited pet?

Would you buy a genetically modified pet? Maybe a luminous cat who can not get sick with AIDS? Or why not a pet that does not cause allergies? Or dogs that can not get muscular dystrophy?

Mathias Sundin 4 min read

💡 Optimist's Edge Top 5

Optimist's Edge is the advantage fact-based optimists have, which gives them the superpower to be able to see opportunities before everyone else.

Anna Rennéus Guthrie 4 min read

💡 Optimist’s Edge: You may be less of a climate villain than you think

Could climate anxiety be on the decline? According to a recent survey, most people believe that they live a sustainable life.

Maria Eriksson 3 min read

💡 Optimist's Edge: You can still count on antibiotics

After all the warnings about antibiotic resistance, you might think the medicine soon will belong to the past. This is not the case. Maria Eriksson explains the benefits of antibiotics.

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