Animal species

Mathias Sundin 2 min read

🦐 Discovery of 100 new marine species in New Zealand

A team of researchers has discovered at least one hundred new marine species in the Bounty Trough off the south coast of New Zealand. The expedition found dozens of molluscs, three fish, a shrimp, and a predatory squid.

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πŸ¦‘ One hundred new species discovered off the coast of Chile

Scientists have possibly discovered one hundred new species at the underwater mountains near the coast of Chile, with the help of a robot that can dive over 4000 meters. An unknown species of sea cucumbers and rarely seen species such as squids and corals have been identified.

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🐦 The Guam kingfisher may soon be free in the wild after a 30-year absence

Almost 140 Guam kingfishers live today in 25 facilities worldwide. But the plan is for them to soon also exist freely in the wild.

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🦏 The world's first IVF pregnancy in a rhinoceros could save the species

Scientists have achieved the world's first IVF pregnancy in a rhinoceros, opening new possibilities for saving the northern white rhinoceros from extinction.

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🐦 The ulūlu bird is no longer critically endangered

The ulΕ«lu, once critically endangered, has seen a remarkable recovery. Intensive conservation strategies have been key to this turnaround.

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🐳 Blue whales returning to the Indian Ocean

Acoustic monitoring reveals a significant presence of these whales in the region. This observation is a testament to the resilience of nature when given a chance to recover.

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🌳 Ecuador's forests are making a comeback – and AI helps track the health of the forest

Scientists have found that within the last 25 years, a cornucopia of species, from the smallest insect to the top vertebrates, have made a comeback in areas previously cleared for agriculture.

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πŸ¦‹ England's rivers increase in invertebrate diversity – highest in 30 years

There has been a significant rise in river invertebrate biodiversity since 1989. The positive trend was observed across all river types and regions.

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🐯 40% more snow leopards in Bhutan

A 39.5 percent increase in snow leopard population from 2016, with 134 individuals confirmed. An expanded survey covering over 9,000 square kilometers of habitat reveals promising density.