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Erik Almqvist

Erik Almqvist

Erik Almqvist πŸ›° Space

πŸš€ Musk wants to attract people to Texas - donates millions to schools

Elon Musks SpaceX, wants to encourage people to move to Texas as SpaceX is growing. He has promised a donation of $ 30 million to locals schools.

Erik Almqvist ♻️ Green Tech

🌏 Carbon capture increasingly important for the climate - Elon Musk donates $100 million

Elon Musk plans to donate $100 million to the best technology for capturing carbon dioxide, so-called CCS.

Erik Almqvist πŸ›° Space

πŸš€ The dream of Mars is getting closer - and it benefits us all

Elon Musk's SpaceX aims to land humans on Mars, which is why the company was founded. In addition to making us a multiplanetary genus, there will also be technology that benefits us all in its wake.

Erik Almqvist 🚘 Transportation

πŸš— Electric car manufacturing reaches Ludicrous Speed

Elon Musk is probably best known for Tesla and there is a strong reason for that. More and more carmakers are now developing electric cars, and a new model even has solar panels on the roof.

Erik Almqvist ❀️ Health Tech

🧠 The Cyborg Race is on – Musk not the only one connecting peoples brains with machines

Elon Musk's Neuralink has competition. British BIOS, German CereGate, and Swiss Mindmaze are just some of the European companies that are all working brain-machine interfaces.