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๐Ÿš€ Musk wants to attract people to Texas - donates millions to schools

๐Ÿš€ Musk wants to attract people to Texas - donates millions to schools

Elon Musks SpaceX, wants to encourage people to move to Texas as SpaceX is growing. He has promised a donation of $ 30 million to locals schools.

Erik Almqvist
Erik Almqvist

Elon Muskโ€™s company SpaceX, which is aiming to put the first man on Mars, is now expanding vastly and is looking for people to hire.

SpaceX is located in Texas, and to attract more people to the region, Musk has promised to donate $ 30 million to local schools and the city of Brownsville. In addition to engineers, SpaceX is in need of other personnel such as chefs, security technicians, welders, security guards, and crane operators. As usual, Musk used Twitter to communicate his message, and Brownsvilleโ€™s own Twitter account was quick to applaud the request and responded with: โ€œOn the border, by the sea and beyond! Grateful for your support in making Brownsville a launching pad to Mars.โ€

Despite recent minor setbacks, where some prototypes of rockets have not passed the tests, there are big hopes for the future in the city of Boca Chica, where the tests are currently performed, at the โ€œStarbaseโ€ facility. The hope is fueled by Musk's plans to turn parts of Texas into a hub for space activities. The company has plans for a โ€œspaceportโ€ with associated facilities for a beach vacation in the Gulf of Mexico.

If Musk succeeds in not only taking the first humans to Mars but also transforming parts of Texas into a space travel port, who could guess what he will come up with next.

One thing is for sure. All of you who saw Star Wars and Star Trek with a longing to travel on your own space adventures, your longing may soon be over ...