Elon Musk

WALL-Y 2 min read

πŸš€ SpaceX plans even bigger Starships

In front of SpaceX employees, Elon Musk has updated his vision for how to take humans to Mars and establish a self-sustaining colony there. The key is the rocket currently being developed, Starship, which they are planning to make even bigger.

Mathias Sundin 5 min read

πŸ’‘ Musings of The Angry Optimist: How should one think about Elon Musk?

I discovered Elon Musk ten years ago and became obsessed. This is how my thoughts about him have changed since then.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

🧬 The Elon Code - how to understand Musk

Much has been said and written about how Elon Musk thinks and operates, but despite that, a key part has been neglected. There are two parts to The Elon Code, but only one part has gotten most of the attention. Here we dive into the second part.

Jakob Holgersson 2 min read

πŸš€ Expect a Starship update within short

According to a Tweet by Elon Musk, we can expect a major update on the spectacular interplanetary vehicle within short.

Rich Spuller 5 min read

πŸ›°οΈ Starlink Premium is on the way – Will it be the right solution for you?

SpaceX has announced the next offering for its satellite internet service. Starlink Premium promises much faster speeds and the ability to connect from anywhere, but it comes with a rather hefty price tag. Is it right for you? Let's find out!

Jakob Holgersson 1 min read

πŸš€ Elon Musk shares information on SpaceX future

Elon Musk is Time's Man of the Year. And his future plans are only more ambitious than his past achievements. How about putting astronauts on Mars by 2027 or using the planet as a Noah's Ark?

Vincent Roose 9 min read

πŸš„ Hyperloop – the future of superfast and sustainable travel

The future of screaming fast and environmentally friendly transportation is under construction. Get comfy and take a seat as Warp News writer Vincent Roose takes you on a ride with Hyperloop.

Jakob Holgersson 2 min read

🎞 The new space race is all about drama - just ask Tom Cruise

The first actress and producer have boarded the International Space Station to record the first feature film shot in space.

Alexander Engelin 4 min read

πŸ›° The Value of Space Exploration

Those who think the new space race is about billionaires wasting money have no clue about the value of space exploration. The future of humanity is out there, writes Alexander Engelin.