🧑‍🏫 OSV invests in Synthesis School, cultivating tomorrow's STEM leaders

🧑‍🏫 OSV invests in Synthesis School, cultivating tomorrow's STEM leaders

Founded by Elon Musk and Joshua Dahn, Synthesis prepares students to solve complex problems, advancing human civilization one bright mind at a time.


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In a world where the potential for progress is limitless, it's essential to nurture and empower the creators of tomorrow, today.

OSV, an investment firm with a vision to catalyze positive change, has recently announced its investment in Synthesis School.

This institution aims to identify future STEM leaders and provide all children with access to the world's most innovative education.

A star-studded origin story

The journey began in 2015 when Elon Musk and educator Joshua Dahn collaborated to establish Ad Astra, a school designed for the children of SpaceX employees.

Josh Dahn

As a Latin phrase meaning "to the stars," Ad Astra set the stage for what would become the next groundbreaking educational endeavor: Synthesis School.

A revolutionary approach to learning

Synthesis represents a fresh perspective on education, utilizing team thinking games to instill essential skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and communication in young minds.

Led by Dahn and CEO Chrisman Frank, a seasoned educator and engineer from Ed-tech unicorn ClassDojo, Synthesis aims to prepare children for tackling complex challenges and advancing human civilization.

Expanding educational horizons

Currently, Synthesis offers a weekly enrichment program that emphasizes developing soft skills often overlooked in traditional school environments.

Additionally, the institution is working on cutting-edge math and science courses, aspiring to create a comprehensive online school for the world's most advanced science and technology students.

A vision shared by many

Jim O'Shaughnessy, OSV's founder, remarked:
"Tuned-in parents already understand that the ability to solve complex problems is the most valuable skill and something that is rarely taught or practiced in traditional schools. O'Shaughnessy Ventures believes that the opportunity for next-generation learning is enormous, and Synthesis School is leading the way."

Jim O'Shaughnessy

Chrisman Frank, Synthesis School's CEO, echoed the sentiment:
"Jim and his team see the pervasive problems with the industrial-educational complex. It kills human ingenuity—our most vital resource. I'm thrilled to welcome Jim as an investor and partner in our mission to advance human civilization through education."

The investment in Synthesis School by OSV is a shining example of the power of optimism, collaboration, and innovation in shaping a brighter future for the world's youth.

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