Electric Vehicles

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πŸ”‹ New fast-charging electric vehicle battery with a lifetime of 400,000 miles

StoreDot has introduced a new electric vehicle battery that can be charged up to 80 percent in just 5-10 minutes. The battery boasts a lifetime of 65,000 miles thanks to the ability to undergo 2,000 ultra-fast charging cycles.

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πŸ“‰ Emissions from new cars have halved over the past four years

Carbon dioxide emissions from new passenger cars decreased by over 8 percent from the previous year. Over the past four years, emissions from the average new passenger car have almost halved. The significant increase in electric cars is crucial for this development.

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πŸ”‹ Battery price wars: Prices reach record lows

The world's largest battery manufacturers are reducing the costs of batteries for electric vehicles. In one year, the cost has more than halved. The progress is years ahead of what forecasters have believed. It is likely that prices will continue to fall.

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πŸ”‹ Electric car sales hit record with over 1 million sold in January

An increase of 69 percent compared to the previous year. In the EU, EFTA, and the United Kingdom, sales increased by 29 percent year over year, while the USA and Canada saw a 41 percent increase and nearly a doubling in China.

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πŸ”‹ An electric car became the world's best-selling car in 2023 (for the first time)

It took three years from the launch of Tesla's Model Y for it to conquer the position as the world's best-selling car, across all categories.

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πŸ’‘ Musings of the Angry Optimist: Electric cars are terrible in cold weather! Or are they?

Up to 1,000 cars were stuck for at least 24 hours, during a snow storm. Immediately prejudices about electric cars started to spread.

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♻️ Cling Systems secures vital funding to propel battery circularity

Cling Systems is a Swedish startup helping companies recycle used electric car batteries. Now they've secured 1.3 million USD in funding.

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πŸ’‘ Musings of the Angry Optimist: Have electric cars peaked?

The electric car market is melting down, they say. Is that true?

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🌱 Rhubarbs key to recycling electric car batteries

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have devised a new and efficient way to recycle metals from electric car batteries. The method enables the recycling of 100 percent of aluminum and 98 percent of lithium from used electric car batteries.