⚡ A fusion-powered future: closer than we think? Microsoft bets it is

⚡ A fusion-powered future: closer than we think? Microsoft bets it is

Helion Energy thinks it can produce electricity from fusion power in five years. So does Microsoft.


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Hello dear readers, can you imagine a future powered by the same source that lights up the sun and the stars? Let's take a leap of faith and visualize that future, because it's closer than many of us might believe.

Microsoft's bold bet on fusion energy

In a world where experts say fusion power is decades away, Microsoft stands as a beacon of optimism, believing it's just around the corner. The tech giant has dared to ink the first commercial agreement for fusion power with startup Helion Energy, promising to buy electricity from them within a scant five years.

As Microsoft President Brad Smith puts it:

"We wouldn’t enter into this agreement if we were not optimistic that engineering advances are gaining momentum."

Photo: Helion Energy.

The power to change the world

The International Atomic Energy Agency expects electricity from fusion to be produced in the latter half of this century.

However, Helion, backed by OpenAI founder Sam Altman, is determined to start producing fusion electricity by 2028. Altman's goal isn't just to create "the world’s coolest technology demo," but to power the world and do it extremely cheaply.

Can we pause for a moment to appreciate the scale of that ambition?

Constellation Energy: The power marketer

With Constellation Energy managing transmission for the project, and significant financial penalties in place should Helion fail to deliver, the message is clear: This is no mere pipe dream.

It's a concrete plan to revolutionize the way we power our world. And while 50 megawatts might seem small, it's a significant first step toward a fusion-powered future.

A call to action

So, dear readers, are we ready to embrace this future? Are we ready to shed the pessimism that so often clouds our judgment and realize that the future, in many ways, is already here?

Sam Altman believes that making intelligence and energy cheap and abundant will "transform the world in a really positive way." And isn't that the future we all yearn for?

The fusion-powered future isn't just a dream. It's a reality being shaped right now, in the present. And if we lend our support, share our optimism, and drive our collective will towards this future, we might just find that it's closer than we think.

After all, as the saying goes, the future is not something that happens; it's something we make. Let's get to work.

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