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🐘 Twice as many elephants now in Kenya, compared to 30 years ago

🐘 Twice as many elephants now in Kenya, compared to 30 years ago

Through a successful effort against poaching, Kenya has succeeded in increasing the number of elephants in the country.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

The number of elephants in Kenya has increased from 16,000 30 years ago to 34,800 today. This data was shown in an elephant count conducted by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

A key to the success is that Kenya has managed to bring down poaching. This has to some extent been done through harsher punishments for those who hunt elephants for the sake of the grazers.

But Kenya also pays damages to those affected by the elephants' damage. In this way, the local population has become more positive towards the animals and no longer hunts elephants to protect crops and property.

In addition, the authorities have created protected corridors so that the elephants can get between different areas without having to go through inhabited areas.