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🚰 A solar farm is producing clean drinking water to 35,000 people in Kenya

🚰 A solar farm is producing clean drinking water to 35,000 people in Kenya

The NGO GivePower created and installed the Solar Water Farm, bringing potable water to Kiunga's residents.

Rich Spuller
Rich Spuller

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For many years, the small fishing village of Kiunga, Kenya has been suffering from severe drought which forced its residents to travel up to one our each way per day to get enough water to drink. Β To conserve their clean drinking water, villagers usually bathed and washed clothes in salty ocean water. Additionally, many people resorted to drinking from untreated water wells. It is well known that drinking contaminated water can lead to debilitating illnesses and diseases including cholera and dysentery.

Today, thanks to the NGO (non-government organization) GivePower, these people are enjoying plenty of clean water provided by an impressive Solar Water Farm. The farm harvests energy using solar panels which produces 50 kilowatts of power to run two water pumps that run 24 hours a day. Β The collected saline water is then safely turned into clean, potable water.

GivePower's Solar Water Farm is a breakthrough solution for coastal areas struggling with water scarcity. Using advanced filtration systems coupled with its solar powered desalination technology, GivePower is converting salt water in to clean, healthy water.

Each solar water farm is capable of producing fresh water for 35,000 people every day. It also produces a much higher quality of water when compared to most ground well systems, that produce for a longer period of time with no negative impact to the environment.

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GivePower is on a mission to bring this technology and infrastructure to as many in need throughout the world as possible. There are currently about 844 million people around the world that lack access to clean drinking water, and this village in Kenya is a first step in their much larger quest to bring clean water to everyone on earth.

Learn more in the video below which tells the story of GivePower's first Solar Water Farm, located in Kiunga, Kenya.