⌨️ Microsoft will capture all CO2 it's ever emitted

⌨️ Microsoft will capture all CO2 it's ever emitted

By 2030 the company will draw more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than it puts in, and be carbon negative. By 2050 all emissions they have caused since 1975 will be captured.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

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They are also launching a $1 billion climate innovation fund to accelerate the global development of carbon reduction, capture, and removal technologies.

And an initiative to use Microsoft technology to help our suppliers and customers around the world reduce their own carbon footprints.

In a blog post they detail how they will achieve these goals:

  1. Grounding in science and math. We will continually ground our work in the best available science and most accurate math, as we describe further below.
  2. Taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. We will take responsibility for all our emissions, so by 2030 we can cut them by more than half and remove more carbon than we emit each year.
  3. Investing for new carbon reduction and removal technology. We will deploy $1 billion of our own capital in a new Climate Innovation Fund to accelerate the development of carbon reduction and removal technologies that will help us and the world become carbon negative.
  4. Empowering customers around the world. Perhaps most importantly, we will develop and deploy digital technology to help our suppliers and customers reduce their carbon footprints.
  5. Ensuring effective transparency. We will publish an annual Environmental Sustainability Report that provides transparency on our progress, based on strong global reporting standards.
  6. Using our voice on carbon-related public policy issues. We will support new public policy initiatives to accelerate carbon reduction and removal opportunities.
  7. Enlisting our employees. We recognize that our employees will be our biggest asset in advancing innovation, and we will create new opportunities to enable them to contribute to our efforts.

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