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🌳 $1.7 billion funding for indigenous forest projects

🌳 $1.7 billion funding for indigenous forest projects

Governments of Norway, Germany, the UK, US and Netherlands have declared a $1.7 billion funding pledge in order to support Indigenous peoples in their work to combat land degradation and forest loss.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

During the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, different talks led to an agreement for funding indigenous projects. There already exists a commitment from over 100 countries to end deforestation by 2030, and with that basis, the talks inspired the declaration of $1.7 billion funding.

The majority of the funding will come from the gouvernements in Norway, Germany, the UK, US, and Netherlands. However, private donations consisting of 600 million are donated from Ford Foundation, Bezos Earth Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Arcadia, Wyss Foundation, and the Rainforest Trust.

The leader of Ecuador’s indigeneous Shuar people, Tunitak Katan, told the Guardian that he is cautiously optimistic about the funding:

β€œWe are happy with the financing announcement, but we will be watching for concrete measures that will reveal whether the intent is to transform a system that has directed less than 1 percent of climate funding to indigenous and local communities. What matters is what happens next.”

Recently the United Nations reviewed the world situation concerning deforestation. The review shows that South American deforestation in areas under indigenous control is 50% less than in other regions. Not only is indigenous people providing us with a blueprint for a more sustainable society, they’re also the leading force behind many environmental movements both in the US and abroad. Β 

Getting inspiration from indigenous cultures living in harmony with and taking care of nature can help a greener and more sustainable future come sooner.