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🌊 $1 billion to be invested in cleaning up lakes

🌊 $1 billion to be invested in cleaning up lakes

One billion dollars are to be invested in cleaning up the Great Lakes in the US. Besides being one of North America’s treasured and iconic wonders it’s also home to thousands of species of animals, fish, insects, and birds.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

The US Great Lakes are very important waterways, home to many different animal species, and an important economic source for 1.3 million Americans as well as providing drinking water to 40 million Americans. Now, after many years of pollution, 1 billion dollars of federal funding have been invested to clean up the lakes.  

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is behind the initiative. Optimist Daily writes that according to the action plan the aim is to “make all fish safe to eat, ensure that water at all sites is safe to drink, remove toxic substances, reduce harmful agricultural runoff, protect and restore native land and water animal species, and to ensure the resiliency of those species.”

Another part of the plan is to educate children in the nearby communities on both the science and ecological importance of the Great Lakes. This part aspires to improve the vital infrastructure of the communities near the area together with helping the natural area and its people.

As part of the Great Lake cleanup, at least 40% of the money will go toward those designated “disadvantaged communities” near the area like, for example, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Buffalo, New York, Lorain, and Duluth, Minnesota.