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🌳 Abandoned airport becomes sensory experience park

🌳 Abandoned airport becomes sensory experience park

An abandoned airport in Taiwan is being turned into a park providing for the citizens green space and experiences for all senses.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

In Taiwan, an abandoned airport will be used as a stage for landscape architecture. Green space will be blended together with sensory experiences in order to create a place where citizens can escape for some time spent in a naturelike environment.

The new park is located in Taichung and is named The Phase Shift Park. It will include 200 different plant species and 10 000 trees that will provide residents with some much-needed shade and relief from the heat and humidity. Also, the real spectacle will be the 12 urban landscape installations.

Good News Network writes “The trees were chosen to offer maximum shade, and are built alongside winding lanes going from north to south, and through unique installations that play on Steiner’s (a philosopher’s) senses of speech, taste, hearing, equilibrium, thinking, vision, movement, ego, touch, warmth, smell, and life.”

Picture: Mosbach Paysagistes via ​​Good News Network

In the park, there’s a lake specifically designed to create “lifelike” echoes. There’s also a field of flowers chosen for their lovely fragrances. A variety of flowers are grown to surround the park in a curtain of perfumes.

The French architecture firm Mosbach Paysagistes designed the topography to maximize water permeation during the monsoon seasons. In the soil, there are complex flood control and irrigation measures that will allow the rain to be used for irrigation all year round.

Not only will this park provide the city with green space. It will also attract tourists and offer a place to relax and rewind. Another benefit within the park is fresh air. Last but not least it will act as a play space for Taichung’s residents.

This park shows how much potential there is to connect with nature anywhere. It’s all about creative minds and willingness to invest in innovative projects.

Picture: Mosbach Paysagistes via ​​Good News Network