🐡 Jane Goodall honoured with a Barbie doll made from recycled plastic

🐡 Jane Goodall honoured with a Barbie doll made from recycled plastic

The famous conservationist Jane Goodall is being honored with a Barbie doll made out of recycled plastic, launched to inspire young girls.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

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Jane Goodall, a famous conservationist and British primatologist is being celebrated with a Barbie doll made out of recycled plastic. The dolls creators Mattel wants to create a doll that inspires young girls.

​​"When I heard that a Jane Barbie doll was going to be made, I was really happy because actually, I'd been suggesting it for a long time,” the renowned conservationist said to Euronews.green.
β€œGirls don't want just to be film stars and things like that; but many of them, like me, want to be out in nature studying animals.”

The new doll was launched just before World Chimpanzee Day which takes place on July 14th.

Together with the Dr Jane Goodall doll comes a toy inspired by David Greybeard who was the first chimpanzee to trust Goodall during her research at Gombe National Park. Β 

Image: Euronews.green
"When I was growing up, you know, there weren't any female role models,β€œ said Goodall.
β€œI was helped by a mother who supported my dream, but my heroes, my models, were Tarzan and Dr Dolittle.”
β€œAnimals aren't just things put on this planet for us to exploit for food or clothing or whatever, but that they're individuals with personalities and feelings – every single one of them.” - Dr Jane Goodall

Mattel disclosed the release of the doll on the 62nd anniversary of Goodall's first journey to Gombe National Park. According to the creators, the doll is made out of 75% recycled ocean-bound plastic and is part of their Inspiring Women Series.

Goodall hopes her doll will inspire and encourage young girls to get involved in environmental projects as well as conservation.

Picture: USA Today