🌿 Peace Agreement in Sudan

🌿 Peace Agreement in Sudan

The transitional government in Sudan is continuing to work on its reforms. The latest milestone concerns a peace agreement between the country's warring parties.

Per Soderstrom
Per Soderstrom

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A draft peace agreement between warring parties in Sudan is leading the country's democracy forward.

Sudan lived in a dictatorship for thirty years, when a transitional government finally took over in 2019. The country's protest movement then agreed with the military on a divided government of the country. Both had had enough.

The transitional government is now accelerating the country's reforms through a peace agreement with Sudan's revolutionary front. Avalet is complicated, and includes issues such as the regulation of war damages and the right to land. It remains to get a couple more militias for the agreement to be formally signed.

Meanwhile, Sudan's Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari is working to ban laws in Sudan that violate human rights.

The work of reforming the country is thus in full swing, and much remains to be done. The peace agreement is therefore extra important - proof that development is really underway.

The transitional government took office after thirty years of rule by Omar al Bashir - who was immediately brought to justice for, among other things, corruption. It is also planned to hand over al Bashir to the Hague tribunal, where he will be held accountable for both war crimes and genocide.

It may be worth recalling the role that the country's women played in overthrowing al Bashir. They also had a major impact on the guidelines drawn up for the new Sudan.

For some time now, Sudan has had a law banning female circumcision

In connection with the transitional government taking office, a law was enacted banning female circumcision. (See our previous article here )

Sudan will not be rebuilt in a day, which is why signs of real success are especially worth noting. With further work, you will hopefully also get with the last militia groups.

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