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πŸ›’ The app that shows carbon footprints from your purchases

πŸ›’ The app that shows carbon footprints from your purchases

This app tracks your carbon footprint after every purchase, showing you how you can become more environmentally friendly.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

Have you ever wondered how your purchases affect the environment and where you can make the most impactful change? If you have, Joro is the app for you.

Joro is an app that tracks the carbon footprint from your purchases in real-time. This shows you how you can make the most meaningful impact by rethinking your shopping patterns.

Once you’ve downloaded the app it starts you off with some questions about your diet, transportation and lifestyle habits. After that, you can connect your credit- or debit card to the app and it will appraise the carbon emissions from your purchases all through the day. For example, if you are shopping at the grocery store the app will estimate the carbon impact of your grocery cart.

The app makes recommendations based on both the questions you answer when downloading the app and the purchases you make. Perhaps the app suggests to someone eating a lot of meat to try and go vegan for a week. Or if someone buys an airplane ticket, Joro will suggest buying a carbon offset.

Sanchali Pal, the founder of the start-up was inspired to create the app after attempting to narrow down the most impactful carbon choices in her own life.

Up to now, early users have cut their personal emissions with about 10%. Pal explained to Fast Company:

β€œIf everyone in the world did that, it would be like removing half the world’s cars. So it’s very significant at scale, and is one of the most cost-effective ways to encourage emissions reduction that we know today.”

Changing your habits and shopping patterns might not solve the climate crisis but it will surely help. Joro shows you the benefits of your changes and suggests new ones - continuously encouraging Β improvement for the future.

Did you know that: Joro comes from the Old Norse word jΗ«rΓ° meaning "earth" and is the protector of the earth in Norwegian mythology.

Picture: Joro via Fast Company.