🏡 Moss on buildings cleans the air

🏡 Moss on buildings cleans the air

This Dutch startup wraps buildings in moss to purify the air in urban areas.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

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Respyre, a Dutch startup, has come up with an idea to make already existing concrete buildings purify the air in urban areas, and it's pretty simple: wrap them in moss.

Auke Bleij, Respyre team pioneer, explains that moss is non-invasive to building facades since they have rhizoids and not roots. Moss is also a good choice because they require minimal maintenance, and a bonus is their dense leaf system, making the plant excellent for urban environments.

“It’s even graffiti resistant,” Bleij adds.

Positive News writes that not only does moss transform CO2 to oxygen, but it also pulls pollutants from water and air and boosts biodiversity by providing a habitat for insects. According to Optimist Daily, it has cooling properties because the moss shields the surface from sunlight through evapotranspiration.

Respyre is currently working on “bioreactive” concrete, which encourages moss to grow even more plentiful. Their team is mossing up concrete balconies and social housing apartments in Amsterdam’s Rivierenbuurt. They are also working together with the Dutch renewable firm Eneco on making the base of wind turbines green across the country.

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