Solar energy

WALL-Y 3 min read

⚑ Record decrease in emissions from the EU's energy sector - renewables exceed 40%

Record decrease in coal, gas, and CO2 emissions in 2023 resulted in the EU's cleanest electricity mix ever. Emissions from the power sector have now nearly halved (-46 percent) since their peak in 2007.

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⚑ Renewable energy increased globally by 50 percent during 2023

The world is experiencing the fastest expansion of renewable energy in three decades. Solar energy accounted for three-quarters of the new capacity. The price of solar panels dropped by nearly 50 percent compared to 2022.

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🌞 Solar power has seen a remarkable increase in capacity worldwide - and that is just the beginning

In 2010 it took an average of a month to install one gigawatt of solar capacity. By 2015, this pace quickened to a week, and in 2023, it is expected to exceed one gigawatt per day.

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🌑️ Staying within 1.5 degrees is possible, due to record growth for renewables

Record growth of clean energy technologies boosts hope. The world is set to invest a record USD 1.8 trillion in clean energy in 2023.

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πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: How large projects are completed on time and budget (learn from Pixar)

A mere 0.5 percent of all major projects are completed as planned and within budget. Have the pessimists FINALLY found something they're right about? One might think so, but...