Too bad to be true

Anders Bolling 4 min read

πŸ€” Shockingly bad? Think for a moment before you swallow the bait

Too bad to be true? The Warp News columnist gives three examples: A white van, dead construction workers in Qatar, and extremely extreme weather.

Anders Bolling 5 min read

🌑️ This is how the UN's worst scenario was normalized and distorted our view of global warming

There is some really good news in last year's report from the UN climate panel IPCC: The horror scenario is no longer considered credible. We can forget the worst forecasts. But this bombshell of joy has been passed over with silence, not only in the media but also largely in the scientific world.

Anders Bolling 6 min read

πŸŒͺ️ The unknown truth about the non-extreme extreme weather

The summer news drought always means a high season for weather news. We will hear that the weather has become increasingly more extreme. Few will ask the follow-up question: is it true? It's a shame, because the answer is essentially no.

Mathias Sundin 2 min read

🧐 Launching a new series: Too bad to be true

One reason for the large predominance of negative news is that journalists often only investigate from one perspective: Too good to be true. Therefore, Warp News is launching a series of articles from the other perspective: Too bad to be true.