⏲ ​​Electric cars will be able to fully charge in five minutes

⏲ ​​Electric cars will be able to fully charge in five minutes

When the price of batteries continues to decrease, along with the shorter time needed to charge the car - then we pass the tipping point with a bang

Per Soderstrom
Per Soderstrom

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New battery technology will offer super-fast charging of electric cars. The batteries are already available - in a thousand copies - as prototypes - manufactured in an environment for mass production. Within five years, the batteries are expected to be in new cars.

The Israeli company Store Dot has already manufactured the new type of batteries for drones, mobile phones and electric scooters. You have BP, Samsung, Daimler and TDK in the boat. Now you set the sight of batteries for cars.

The current batteries have replaced carbon as an electrode, initially with nanoparticles as semiconductors. Eventually, silicon takes up space in the electrode. The slope of the cost curve and the low weight indicate that the project is super interesting.

The project's partner BP has of course realized that petrol stations can be a memory in just ten years - they are facing a change called duga. Surely it is appropriate to convert petrol stations into high-capacity charging stations?

Sales of electric cars increased in 2020 in Europe by over forty percent on an annual basis, but still only accounted for approx. five percent of total sales. (Norway - an oil nation to be added - has been generous with support for electric cars. There they account for over fifty percent of new car sales. Cheers Norway!)

If you ask car owners in the UK, only four percent believe that their next car will be electric. When you ask owners of electric cars, more than nine out of ten answer that you will never go back to fossil fuel. How about a mega-nudge?

It will be price and product development that speeds up purchasing decisions: within five years, electric cars can be cheaper to buy than fossil-fueled ones. Who then wants to buy a car with an internal combustion engine?

Time is money, we usually say - so it is of course welcome when electric cars can be charged in five minutes; and even better when a majority of the cars sold are powered by electricity. As you know, we do not have infinite time to adjust.

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