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πŸ’‘ Meet the Warp News Experts that help you understand the future

πŸ’‘ Meet the Warp News Experts that help you understand the future

One astronaut, one neuroscientist and medical doctor, one food tech expert, one future astronaut, one sustainability entrepreneur and one former professor of innovation - that will help you understand the future and get the optimist's edge.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

Meet the experts that will help Warp News Premium Supporters to look into and understand the future.

Every Monday our premium supporters will be sent an analysis and comments from one of our experts.

They will all help you gain the optimist's edge. A fact-based optimist sees the opportunities before the pessimists. And being an optimist, you dare to grab them because you understand what is possible.

Christer Fuglesang, Astronaut and Professor of Space Travel

Christer Fuglesang is a physicist and was a fellow at CERN when he was accepted into the European Space Agency's astronaut program.

He made his first trip to space in 2006, becoming the first Swedish astronaut, and the second trip in 2009, both to the ISS.

In total he has done five spacewalks, the first person outside of the U.S. and Russia to do more than three spacewalks.

Now he is a professor of space travel at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden - and a Warp News Expert.

Christer Fuglesang on a spacewalk from the International Space Station.

Doctor Mouna Esmaeilzadeh, M.D., Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and TV-personality

Only three years old, Mouna died. She fell into the deep snow as her parents and family fled for their lives from the Iranian religious dictatorship.

When they found her, she didn't breathe and didn't have a pulse. Thankfully women in a village close by knew what to do, lowered her into cold water, de-frosted her - and saved her life.

Maybe this is why she is so interested in life.

Doctor Mouna is a medical doctor and neuroscientist. In 2009, Dr. Mouna founded SciLife Clinic, an internationally recognized longevity clinic.

Dr. Mouna is a well-known face from Swedish national TV4, where she talks about science. Her mission is to make science sexier than Kim Kardashians' bottom.

Daniel S. Ruben, Consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation, Food Tech Expert

Daniel is a consultant to The Rockefeller Foundation Food Initiative. He is a mentor to three food tech accelerators, and investor and advisor to ten food tech startups.

Every week he sends out the newsletter Foodtech Weekly.

Prior Daniel worked as an expert for the World Bank in Washington, D.C. on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship issues.

He also served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in various roles in Stockholm and New York for more than half a decade, helping Danish tech companies to internationalize.

Nicklas B. Lundblad, Head of Global Policy Planning at Google, former adjunct Professor of Innovation

Nicklas has worked at Google for over 13 years. He started as European Policy Manager and then moved to Silicon Valley, where he built and led Google's central public policy team. Now he is Head of Global Policy Planning.

But he has also been vice president and chief of staff at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, co-founded the magazine Neo, written several books and been adjunct Professor of Innovation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

In 2010 he had the honor of hosting the radio show Sommar i P1. It's the closest thing to receiving a knighthood in Sweden.

Karin Nilsdotter, Future Astronaut and CEO of Spaceport Sweden

Karin is determined to bring space tourism to Sweden. She wants to establish a spaceport in Sweden and launch private citizens into space.

She will go to space soon on a Virgin Galactic flight.

Karin is also a space investor through Space Angels, a strategic advisor to ESA BIC Sweden, an advisor to Airbus and project leader for Hack Space for the Planet.

In 2014 she was awarded Tech Woman of the Year and Innovator of the Year.

For several years she has also been an advisor and supporter of the Warp Institute.

Karin together with Elon Musk (he is not a Warp News Expert... yet.)

Rebecka Carlsson, Sustainability Entrepreneur, Climate Activist and Business Advisor

She’s been trained by Singularity University at NASA in how to use exponential technologies to create scalable sustainability solutions. And in social entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

She has co-founded a handful sustainability startups, served as Political Advisor to Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Climate and the Environment, as National Spokesperson for the Young Greens and as Sweden’s Official Youth Representative to the UN Commission for Sustainable Development in New York.

These experts will regularly analyze and help our premium supporters understand the future.

With a fact-based optimistic view, you will see the opportunities before the pessimists.

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