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πŸ’§ New technology filters clean water out of the air

πŸ’§ New technology filters clean water out of the air

This company has created a machine that can draw drinking water out of thin air.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

On our planet, 2 billion people have no clean drinking water. Luckily, many independent businesses are trying to come up with a number of solutions to the problem.

Watergen, an Israeli company, is using the fact that our atmosphere contains 3,095 cubic miles of freshwater to create an innovative solution. They designed and created technology that can filter water vapor out of the air, turning it into drinking water.

β€œA big advantage of using atmospheric water is that there’s no need to build water transportation, so no worries about heavy metals in pipes for example or cleaning contaminated water from the ground or polluting the planet with plastic bottles,” Michael Mirilashvili, the leader of Watergen, told BBC.

How does this work? Well, the air is drawn into the machine. Using condensation, freshwater is produced at the low cost of seven to fifteen cents per liter. The machine does require electricity. If it can be provided via renewable sources the technology would barely have any environmental impact.

Up to 1 585 gallons of water can be provided daily using Watergen technology. The machine has already been used at hospitals in the Ghana Strip and in villages in central Africa.