💰 Twice as much was invested in green startups in 2021

💰 Twice as much was invested in green startups in 2021

$40 billion was invested in green startups last year, which is twice as much compared to 2020. Some of the year's largest investments were in fusion power.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

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More than 600 individual investments totaling approximately $40 billion took place in green impact startups in 2021, according to the Climate Tech VC newsletter.

This is twice as much as in 2020. Investments increased by about 20 percent quarter over quarter last year.

Warp News asked climate investor Einar Bodström why:

"The realization hit big-time, that the world is moving, that this direction is now obvious to pretty much everyone involved. And where the world is moving, there is growth, and where there is growth, there is capital. I would be surprised if investments don't continue to increase ", he says.

Energy received the largest investments

Graph from Climate Tech VC

Energy, mobility, along with food & water accounted for 90 percent of all capital invested.

Battery manufacturer Northvolt and the electric car company Rivian received the largest investments in terms of mobility.

In energy, it was nuclear power, but not the usual form of fission, but instead fusion with big deals for Helion and Commonwealth.

Most money for the early growth phase

Graph from Climate Tech VC

About 50 percent went to new and young startups, which is the so-called growth phase.

There's more to come

Graph from Climate Tech VC

In 2021, 64 new climate funds were launched with a total of $38 billion to invest.

Two-thirds of the new funds are in the order of $5 million to $50 million. 30 of the 37 new billions are in 15 megafunds.

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