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✨ People's verdict: 2022 is a year of optimism

✨ People's verdict: 2022 is a year of optimism

The coming year will be better both for each and everyone of us and for the world at large, many believe according to an opinion poll.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

We are moving towards brighter times. At least, most of the 22,000 persons in 33 countries interviewed by Ipsos believe so.

77 percent said they were optimistic that 2022 would be a better year for them personally than 2021 was. The most positive was the Chinese, 94 percent of whom expected a better year in 2022. In Sweden, 78 percent looked forward to a brighter 2022.

Even when it comes to the world economy, most people expect things to move in a brighter direction. 61 percent said they believe the global economy will be more robust this year compared to last year.

Now, 2021 may not be the most challenging opponent when choosing the best year, but the fact that optimism is sprouting for 2022 is still something to rejoice over.

Another positive thing about the survey is that more than half of the respondents, 59 percent, believe that more than 80 percent of the world's population will receive at least one vaccine dose against COVID-19 during 2022.

Concerns about a stock market crash have also diminished. Last year, 40 percent thought that the major stock markets in the world would crash. This year, that figure is down to 35 percent.

And for curiosity's sake, not many people think aliens will visit us during the year. Yet, fourteen percent still believe it's likely that we will have an interplanetary visit in 2022. It is mainly in India people believe this could happen. 30 percent said a visit was likely to take place. Whether they saw it more as a promise or a threat is unfortunately not clear from the survey.