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☝️ "My primary source for a more fact-based optimistic worldview is Warp News"

☝️ "My primary source for a more fact-based optimistic worldview is Warp News"

Richard Maltsbarger, CEO of Pet Retail Brands, writes: "It takes looking ahead to what's possible, to imagine an improved world or an improved company, in order for us, as business leaders and teams, to stretch into our next growth opportunity. "

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

Movements grow.  Companies grow.  People grow.  

Yet, so much of the media, news, social sharing, and more today are about destruction, demise, rifts and tearing apart society.

So much negative that we can forget that, throughout human history, we have grown not only in population but in knowledge, collaboration, social structures, governance and more.

It takes looking ahead to what's possible, to imagine an improved world or an improved company, in order for us, as business leaders and teams, to stretch into our next growth opportunity.

Often, the most successful companies and leaders are those that can connect today's challenges to someone else's or a future developing solution.  To do this, I look ahead and outside of our company to the broader world.

Yes, I turn to the likes of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Post for the business and financial capital markets news of the day.  I turn to the Globe and Mail for news on Canadian society and challenges.  I turn to the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly for trends, shifts, and new thinking in business.  

But none of these explores the edge of what's possible, or at least rarely do.

So, to see around the bend and to keep a positive mindset for what is possible, I turn to other sources that stretch to a more optimistic view of the world.

My primary source for a more fact-based, optimistic worldview is Warp News.

Make the future come sooner

Founded within the Warp Institute and influenced by a wide world of imagination (even a little science fiction and space-age thinking.)

Warp Institute is a non-profit that wants to bring a more optimistic world to bear sooner, to make the broad, positive progress of the world more known, more likely to happen and to diffuse faster through knowledge sharing, optimistic collaboration, and connections of like-minded, ready to explore people in the world.

Warp News - fact-based optimistic news

To amplify this purpose, the Warp Institute started Warp News - a fact-based, optimistic news network and community that purposefully seeks deeper, insightful storylines but also uses eye-catching headlines to share news about what is shaping and could potentially shape the world in novel and outstandingly positive ways.

From reducing child mortality to expanding access to clean energy to billions, from identifying low-cost, highly-effective technologies for cleaner oceans or automotive travel to identifying the future of highly-precise, efficient and delicious food production.

The editors and team at Warp News comb the world for the stories about innovation, social change, movements and collaborations that are not typically given enough oxygen in today's media to breathe, much less break-through to help lift the total optimism of the world.

For our business, providing that more optimistic understanding of the positive changes, the innovations that matter, the shifts in human society that create growth-driven opportunity is critical.

Help you see what may be coming next

Having a team in any industry or non-profit that can see what may be coming next helps with understanding what we can and should do today.

And, above all, bringing a sense of hope and growth into our business culture allows us to recapture the sense of dreaming and potential that was so resonate in the early 20th century corporations that created the innovations and improvements in socio-economic access that have now granted today's generations to live like the kings, royalty and wealthy of yesteryear.

A pipe dream

At one time, the combined system of indoor plumbing, water heaters, and integrated sewer systems was, literally, a pipe dream.  Today, billions take a morning hot shower and the hygiene and life-sustaining cleanliness for granted.  But not that long ago, it took thousands of optimists to see beyond the pipe dream to that everyday luxury we know today.

For a small investment, our business could grant our people access to an emerging, fact-based, optimistic source of news ranging across a world of topics.  

Warp News rounds out the regular industry and trade publications and the daily news to give that one more angle on the world to give us ideas and hope for tomorrow.  

Who knows which of our talented, ambitious and optimistic team members today will be the one that creates the next growth innovation for our firm tomorrow?

Richard Maltsbarger

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