๐Ÿš— Intel will make self-driving cars cheaper

๐Ÿš— Intel will make self-driving cars cheaper

A new circuit will lay the foundation for a platform for self-driving cars that will be cheap enough for all cars to feature the function in the future.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

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The day when we can let the car drive itself is getting closer, and a sign of that is the EyeQ Ultra circuit from Intel's subsidiary Mobileye.

It has been purpose-developed for self-driving cars. EyeQ Ultra can handle data from cameras, radar, lidar and use it to control the car almost entirely by itself. With EyeQ Ultra, it is possible to get up to Level 4 autonomy. This means that the car can control itself in most situations, but a person still has to take over in case something unusual happens.

EyeQ Ultra handles 176 trillion operations per second. This may not sound very impressive, considering that Nvidia has an equivalent circuit that handles 1,000 trillion operations per second. But according to Intel, their processor is so efficient that it does not have to be faster, and that enables Intel to keep the price of the circuit down.

The goal is for the price of the self-steering function to be so low that all new cars will be self-steering sometime after 2025, when EyeQ Ultra will start mass production.

"By developing the entire autopilot function, everything from hardware and software to map services and service offerings, Mobileye has a unique perspective to see exactly what requirements we need to place on a self-driving system to get a price-performance ratio that will be able to make self-driving cars to a reality for consumers", says Amnon Shashuam, CEO of Mobieye, in a press release.

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