Warp Editorial Staff 3 min read

💡 New Warp Ambassador: Oskar Söderström

The forward-thinking entrepreneur, Oskar Söderström, is Warp News' newest ambassador.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

👊 They intend to solve the hassle of charging electric cars

About half of Swediish EV owners find the number of charging operators with separate apps to be complicated. A problem Eljun intends to solve using a blockchain.

Md Motiur Rahman 2 min read

⛓️ The top 3 blockchains you want to know all about

In this article we take a quick look at some of the latest trends in the blockchain space and review the most popular blockchain platforms so far.

Md Motiur Rahman 2 min read

🕹 What is Play to Earn in the Metaverse all About?

The concept of play-to-earn in the metaverse is facilitated by NFTs. But how does it work? Warp News Md Motiur Rahman explains.

Khumbu Muleya 1 min read

💸 Africa launches first digital currencies

Since the turn of the millenium, several African countries have taken big leaps towards digitalization. Two countries are now introducing official digital currencies and more are to follow.

Md Motiur Rahman 4 min read

🌎 5 cryptocurrencies that will dominate 2022

You know Bitcoin and probably Ethereum. But have you heard of these other three cryptocurrencies that, most likely, will dominate 2022?

Md Motiur Rahman 3 min read

👊 NFT Use Cases: A look at the transformative impact of rare digital items

Digital art, gaming, ticketing, and real estate are just a few examples of NFT use cases. Let's dive in and have a look at the transformative impact of rare digital items.

Elina Holmgren Tyskling 2 min read

⚡ Ethereum is releasing an update that will help decrease energy use

The cryptocurrency Ethereum is about to be upgraded and become "proof of stake." This will mean a significant reduction in energy consumption in the network and is therefore considered a benefit for the environment.

Md Motiur Rahman 6 min read

⛏️ Everything you need to know about bitcoin mining

The Bitcoin network changes the rules of the game for how a monetary system can work and how to build trust in it. The whole system is centered around Bitcoin mining. We explain everything you need to know.