Climate Change

Warp Editorial Staff 1 min read

๐ŸŒž The Angry Optimist on climate optimism at Stockholm Climate Week

VIDEO: Warp News' Mathias Sundin spoke about a tsunami of climate solutions at Stockholm Climate Week.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

๐Ÿ™ˆ Climate skeptics slow down progress

Here are two arguments for why we should transition to sustainability, that have nothing to do with climate change.

Warp Editorial Staff 2 min read

๐Ÿ“‰ Lithium price drop could boost electric vehicle sales

Lithium prices have gone up in the last years, contributing to increased costs for electric car batteries. But now prices are dropping.

Ulrika Gerth 3 min read

๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Hey, kids โ€“ drop the climate anxiety

"A millennial couple recounting how they wrestled for a decade (!) with the โ€œethical quandaryโ€ of whether to bring โ€œanother human onto an already crowded planet.โ€ (she wanted to raise a โ€œclimate ally,โ€ he feared for the childโ€™s future)," writes Ulrika G. Gerth

Cornelia Ekvall 5 min read

๐Ÿ’ก Optimist's Edge: Satellite mapping of greenhouse gases helps us stop climate change

Satellites help us better understand our planet, how the atmosphere is affected by emissions, and understand in detail what we need to do to stop climate change.

Anders Bolling 5 min read

๐ŸŒก๏ธ This is how the UN's worst scenario was normalized and distorted our view of global warming

There is some really good news in last year's report from the UN climate panel IPCC: The horror scenario is no longer considered credible. We can forget the worst forecasts. But this bombshell of joy has been passed over with silence, not only in the media but also largely in the scientific world.

Anders Bolling 6 min read

๐ŸŒช๏ธ The unknown truth about the non-extreme extreme weather

The summer news drought always means a high season for weather news. We will hear that the weather has become increasingly more extreme. Few will ask the follow-up question: is it true? It's a shame, because the answer is essentially no.

Ramez Naam 4 min read

๐ŸŒŽ Ramez Naam: We are bending the curve of future warming from apocalyptic to very survivable

Ramez Naam: Signs are that we've bent the curve of future warming from apocalyptic (4-6 degrees) to very survivable (~2 degrees). This is fantastic news.