πŸ’‘ Warp News #233

πŸ’‘ Warp News #233

πŸš— Waymo's robotaxi has now reached 50,000 paid trips per week. πŸ…ΎοΈ Blood types can become mutually compatible. πŸ’‰ Three West African countries begin vaccinating against malaria.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

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🀷 I have no talent!

"I suspect that Sundin himself possesses no talent for either visual arts, words, or music. It is these people who usually have this attitude."

This is what illustrator Henrik Tamm writes in Svenska Dagbladet, in his final reply in our debate about generative AI.

There is much to say about his reply, but what I find most startling is his claim that generative AI resets his talent:

"Now I and my colleagues are being reset. Our talent is supposed to belong to everyone. And I'm not on board with that."

If one refuses to evolve, then you will be overtaken by those who embrace the new. But what prevents Tamm from utilizing all the knowledge he has in this new era? His expertise is not at all reset; it can be used anew.

Generative AI provides non-experts the opportunity to reach near or expert level if they become really proficient at using AI. But it also gives experts the chance to level up. To create on a whole new level. To create something entirely new, that no one else has done before.

🦾 AI training in Canada

I'm lucky that the board and leadership team at Pet Valu haven't heard that I lack talent. Otherwise, they wouldn't have booked me to train them about AI for half a day.

Really fun to visit Toronto for the first time. There have been Sundins there before, but not me.

Pet Valu operates over 750 stores where they sell products our pets like, such as food, toys, and very cuddly dog beds.

It’s very good that not only tech companies are investing in AI. Like all such companies, Pet Valu is digitalized with a large e-commerce, but at the same time, they sell something as non-tech as dog and cat food.

I wrote a bit and shared some pictures from the visit and training.

Mathias Sundin
The Angry Optimist

✊ The greengrocer's revolution

Nothing has done more to create human progress than democracy. There is nothing more important than achieving a fully democratic world as quickly as possible. Then even a grocer can make a difference.

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πŸ—³οΈ Record support for democracy, but people are disappointed with governments. Why and what do we do about it?

Almost 9 out of 10 want democracy. But far fewer are satisfied with the democracy they live in. This is based on the fact that the democratic system we have is over 100 years old and needs to be updated.

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πŸ’‘ Fact-based optimistic news of the week

🧬 AlphaFold 3 is here! Predicting structures of almost all biological molecules and their interactions

AlphaFold 3 is designed to predict the structure and interactions between biological molecules. Experimentally investigating these interactions can be time-consuming and costly. If these interactions can instead be accurately computed, biological research could be significantly expedited.

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πŸ’‰ Three West African countries begin vaccinating against malaria

Benin, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have started vaccinating children against malaria. The vaccine has shown a significant reduction in malaria diseases and child mortality in initial African pilot programs.

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πŸ›©οΈ Really large drones pave the way for long-distance freight transport

MightyFly receives FAA approval for autonomous eVTOL transport drones. The drone can carry a 45 kg load up to 100 kilometers. The range and ability to operate beyond the operator's line of sight enable long transport distances.

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πŸ…ΎοΈ Blood types can become mutually compatible

Scientists have developed a method using enzymes from gut bacteria to convert blood types A and B into the universal donor blood type O. This opens the possibility that all blood types can become universal donors.

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πŸš— Waymo's robotaxi has now reached 50,000 paid trips per week

Waymo's robotaxi is now performing 50,000 paid trips each week, up from 10,000 a year ago. The service is fully autonomous and available 24/7 in selected parts of Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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